Saturday, April 18, 2009

Band for Earth Day in San Francisco, featured Solar Power representative

Solar power and green energy was the theme for Earth Day, an all day event hosted by
Del Webb/Pulte Homes in Manteca, California. Our band, playing classic rock and roll and Beatle hits, entertained for four hours. A representative from a local solar power company discussed the benefits of solar energy, for six minutes, at the top of each hour.

Stilt Walker for Earth Day San Francisco

Our Stilt Walker and Juggler greeted potential home buyers for a Solar Power theme hosted by Pulte Homes/Del Webb in Manteca, California. Manteca is approximately 1.5 hours from San Francisco. "Maggie The Stilter" greeted everyone with talking points, about the benefits of Solar Sun Energy in heating homes, and providing electricity, and electric credits. Federal and State tax rebates make Solar energy a wise investment, in addition to preserving our environment.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Frank Sinatra impersonator at San Francisco Party also featured the hits of Dean Martin

Our Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin impersonators gained kudos for a 250 person Ladies Day luncheon at the Aames Shrine Event Center, Livermore. Livermore is approximately 50 minutes from San Francisco.Their 40-minute after luncheon show, featuring impersonators Sinatra and Dean Martin received a standing ovation. Two vocalists provided an upbeat show as a "Tribute to the Italian Crooners," with hit songs by by Frankie Vale, Louie Prima, Al Martino, and Tony Bennett. The Sinatra and Dean Martin impersonators worked "the room" with cordless hand-held microphones, and they both dedicated a song to the honored 1st lady of the group. This Sinatra and Dean Martin impersonator show are finalists in "America's Got Talent." Let's hope both crooners win, and gain national coverage.

Jazz Trio for San Francisco "Tribute Show"

Our Jazz Trio provided that Las Vegas touch for a "Tribute Show to the Italian Crooners," a 250 person ladies day luncheon at the Aahmes Shrine Event Center in Northern California (Livermore).
This trio has performed at the finer Las Vegas casinos, at the Plush Room (San Francisco), and in New York City nightclubs.

Pianist for Northern California Ladies Day Luncheon

Our pianist played Broadway show tunes, standards, top 40, and cover songs, at a 250 person luncheon at the Aames shrine event center in Livermore. There was a piano on-site, which made his background music, even classier. Partygoers heard his songs, and were able to converse.