Thursday, July 31, 2008

African drummers set the tone at Northern California College fundraiser

An African drum trio, with children playing percussion instruments, set a lively tone, for a Kenyan village orphanage fundraiser hosted by Stanford Business executives at Stanford University, Palo Alto, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Tacuma, the African drum leader, played drum beat music from Guinea, Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, and the Ivory Coast. He kicked-off the fundraiser with a lively procession, walking through the crowd, and energizing them to bid on the auction items.

Caribbean Steel Band at San Francisco Bay Area Shopping Center

A Caribbean Steel Band at a San Francisco Bay Area shopping center attracted a huge crowd, at their once a week July concert series. Restaurant and coffee vendors set up booths, and retail stores, including a City of Palo Alto jeweler, gave raffle prize giveaways. The Town and Country Village in Palo Alto will likely have Christmas entertainment, and that they will continue their concert series, in year 2009.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bubblemaster for huge Yahoo Show, San Francisco

Our Bubblemaster made lifesize bubbles, for the huge Yahoo, "Yahoo Rocks" family day at the San Mateo Exhibition Center, San Mateo, California. His unique bubble show, and wand bubbles, were seen throughout the Fairgrounds. Our "Mr. Bubbles" performed two 30-minute shows, and also strolled.

Stiltwalker, juggler, and balloon artists, at Northern California Family Day

For the 4000 person Yahoo, Inc. "Yahoo Rocks," at the San Mateo Expo Center, San Mateo, California, Celebrity Gems arranged the entertainment as a "tie-in."
As a "meet and greet," and for a photo opportunity, our "Rock Star on Stilts" set the mood. He later provided two 30-minute audience participation juggling shows.
Balloon artists and balloon sculpture are a "child favorite," and we arranged two balloonists for crowd control.
For the music, the Yahoo crowd, rocked with the music from the Rock and Roll band "Mersy Beach." The San Mateo Exhibition Center had an exciting "Rock and Roll" Sunday.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Northern California lookalikes for San Francisco Bay Area are talented and plentiful

Singing Telegrams and Celebrity Lookalikes call the San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California, San Jose, San Francisco, and Walnut Creek, as their "home base." I encourage San Francisco Bay Area event planners to arrange Northern California based lookalikes due to budget and transportation costs. For specific themed events, it is necessary to import lookalikes from Los Angeles or Las Vegas. Examples: There are no John Travolta, Clark Gable, and The Blues Brothers act, based out of San Francisco.
Austin Powers, at the Alameda County Fair (Pleasanton), Marilyn and Elvis, at a Casino themed event at the San Jose Museum of Art, Dean Martin, at an Italian themed event at the restaurant Campo Di Bocce (Livermore), and Charlie Chaplin, at a Rotary Club fundraiser at The Automobile Museum at Blackhawk (Danville). The John Travolta dancer is from Los Angeles.

Celebrity lookalikes for San Francisco Black-Tie fundraiser

Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area are considered "the home base" for entertainers who specialize as celebrity lookalikes. Since budgets are often a consideration, I direct my prospects and clients to those lookalikes who are from San Francisco, San Jose, Walnut Creek, Pleasanton, and San Ramon. Here are examples: Austin Powers at a food show in Pleasanton, California; Marilyn Monroe at a "Help is on the Way" benefit, San Francisco, California.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Opera singer sings Arias for Northern California College

For the Stanford Executive Program's European Night, graduate students were treated to arias from Madame Butterfly and La Boheme. Opera singer Mimi, added that classy touch, with her repertoire of Italian operas, and the students gave her a standing ovation.

French Can Can Trio for Northern California College

An international group of business graduate students chose "European Night" for their evening's entertainment. French Can Can Dancers were a huge hit for the Stanford Executive Program's (Palo Alto) buffet dinner and after dinner entertainment.