Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Celebrity Gems arranged Handwriting Expert in San Francisco Bay Area

The way we write, how we cross our "T" and dot our "i" can reveal a good deal about our personality. A handwriting expert was the entertainer of choice for over 100 women for a "Ladies Night Out" hosted by the Tri-Valley Chabad, Pleasanton, CA.  #jewishtrivalley

The way you curled your letters tells me about you
Yes, you figured me out by my writing; I'm impressed

Celebrity Gems arranges Handwriting experts, tarot card readers, calligraphers, and caricaturists in Pleasanton, Dublin, Walnut Creek, San Ramon, San Francisco, San Jose, and Walnut Creek. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Celebrity Gems arranges Dolly Parton impersonator in the San Francisco Bay Area

                                                                   Leave the work world rat race with Dolly Parton

For a 65-year-old retiree who worked for California AAA hauling cars and changing 
batteries, retirement meant fishing and season tickets to the Oakland A's. Celebrity impersonator
Dolly Parton made a surprise appearance, singing her solid gold working woman and man's hit, 9 to 5. "It's enough to make your crazy if you let it."
She then led The Happy Birthday song with family and friends wishing him happiness and health in retirement.
Celebrity Gems arranges a Dolly Parton, a Marilyn Monroe impersonator in Morgan Hill, San Jose, Fremont, 
Walnut Creek, San Jose, Oakland, and San Francisco.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Celebrity Gems arranged Chinese entertainment at San Francisco Bay Area Mall

It was the "Year of the Monkey" and Chinese New Year at the Great Mall of the Bay, Milpitas, Ca. There were bargains galore, a huge celebration, and complimentary party bags with the Year of the Monkey stuffed animals, 2016, and chocolate gold coins.#greatmall
Calligrapher draws names with Chinese characters
Shoppers line up for their customized silk fan
Panda signifies friendship, peace, and strength

Happy Chinese New Year and Year of the Monkey

Chinese Lion Dancers and Percussion for Year of the Monkey

Celebrity Gems arranges Chinese Lion Dancers, a costumed Panda, and a Chinese calligrapher drawing names in Chinese characters on silk fans in San Francisco, Milpitas, Fremont, San Jose, San Mateo, Oakland, and Walnut Creek,