Sunday, October 28, 2012

Princes Leia Costume Character makes a Sword Balloon for Swat Team in Danville

The Swat Team landed at Blackhawk Plaza, Danville, and Princess Leia, from Star Wars fame, made a variety of balloons for the different Halloween costumed characters. Her balloon artistry included sword balloons, puppy balloons, heart balloons, and butterfly balloons. She was joined by costumed character Prince Funny.
Celebrity Gems arranges balloon artists and costumed characters in Danville, San Ramon, Walnut Creek, Fremont, San Jose, San Mateo, San Francisco, and Sacramento

Costumed Character Prince Funny reigns supreme in Danville

Parents deserved gold stars for costume design at the Halloween Scream Contest, Blackhawk Plaza, Danville. Children were dressed as Lady Bugs, Princesses, Vampires, Super Mario, and Train Conductors.
A Prince Funny costumed character judged the winners, with the children screaming for their favorite character. Here's an adorable Michael Jackson character, judged number one, by his peers.

Celebrity Gems arranges costumed characters and a real Michael Jackson impersonator in Danville, San Ramon, Pleasanton, Walnut Creek, San Mateo, San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Juggler on a Unicycle full of tricks at Danville Shopping Center

Jeremy the Juggler tricked and treated his audience at a Halloween promotion hosted by the
Livery and Mercantile Shopping Center in Danville. Multi-talented Jeremy swallowed and juggled sponge balls, did wheelies on his unicycle, and made balloon swords and butterflies.

Celebrity Gems arranges jugglers, balloon artists, and face painters in Danville, San Ramon, Walnut Creek, San Francisco, San Mateo, Oakland, Fremont, Albany, San Jose, and Sacramento.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Food Expo Entertainment Sizzles at Harrah's Lake Tahoe

The Food and Wine Expo, AKA "Beyond the Fork" at Harrah's Lake Tahoe was billed as an interactive  culinary experience, with food and wine tastings and cookbook author guest lecturers. Celebrity Gems arranged the entertainment in the main expo hall and tent area with Chinese acrobats, Lion Dancers, Salsa Dancers, and a Jazz and Pop ensemble.

Celebrity Gems arranges Lion Dancers, Samba Dancers, Jazz and Pop ensembles in Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Oakland, Fremont, San Mateo, Hillsborough, and Napa.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Face painter and DJ entertain at Oakland Bar Mitzvah

There was entertainment for everyone, at Adam's Bar Mitzvah at Scott's Seafood Restaurant, Oakland.

Face painting is popular with teens and adults, and face painters are often booked with henna at corporate events and private parties. DJ Joshua got into the party mood with the Mike Tyson design, with artistry by Sandra, at Scott's Seafood Restaurant, overlooking the water, at Jack London Square, Oakland.

Here's the DJ team with thumbs up, with their music as "the heart  and soul of the party." This team played the techno music during Yo-Yo Joe's ten minute show.

Celebrity Gems arranges face painters, and DJ's in Oakland, San Ramon, Walnut Creek, San Francisco, San Jose, Napa, Sacramento, Palo Alto, and Hillsborough.

Boy brings Yo-Yo to Bar Mitzvah in Oakland

Who would have thought, in this hi-tech world, that a toy originating in China 1000 BC would be a theme for a Bar Mitzvah in Oakland. One of Adam's hobbies is yo-yo and he selected that theme for his Bar Mitzvah. Yo-Yo Joe, winner of competitions worldwide, gathered the boys, girls, and some adults, and demonstrated his yo-yo wizardry. A highlight of the afternoon was his ten minute show, choreographed to techno-music, at Scott's Seafood Restaurant, Oakland.

Celebrity Gems arranges Yo-Yo acts in Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, San Mateo, Fremont, Hillsborough, Pleasanton, Walnut Creek, Napa, and Sacramento.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Henna artist attracts long lines at Stoneridge Mall, Pleasanton

The artwork of henna, which traces its roots to India, Africa, and the Middle East, has been adapted to Western cultures. Henna, which has been practiced for over 5000 years, is popular entertainment at Grad nights, Corporate events, birthdays, and Bat Mitzvahs. Here's henna artist Lena, attracting long lines at "Girls Night Out," Stoneridge Shopping Center, Pleasanton.

Celebrity Gems arranges henna, face painters, and caricaturists in Pleasanton, San Ramon, Danville, San Francisco, Walnut Creek, San Mateo, Oakland, and Fremont.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kelly Park Jazz duo for Breast Cancer awareness in Palo Alto

Many of us have family and friends who are afflicted with Breast Cancer. It is estimated that one in eight women are afflicted with this terrible disease.  With the goal of community awareness, The Estee Lauder Companies have launched a worldwide "20 Years of Courage" campaign, with the goal of elimination and treatment. Town and Country Village, Palo Alto, hosted their Breast Cancer awareness day, with breast cancer survivors, families, and information booths.

The Kelly Park Jazz Duo provided upbeat Broadway show tunes, jazz, and standards.
According to the meeting planner: Hi Stan, They sounded great and were perfect for this event. I enjoyed talking with Kelly as well! 

Celebrity Gems arranges jazz, standards, top 40, and motown in Palo Alto, San Jose, San Ramon, San Francisco, Oakland, Fremont, and San Mateo.

Monday, October 8, 2012

French duo at Wine Crush in Calistoga

Parlez vous Francaise? A French duo added that charm to a Bordeaux Wine Crush hosted by
Bennett Lane Winery, Calistoga.
According to the General Manager: "THEY WERE FANTASTIC."

Celebrity Gems arranges ethnic music-including French, Brazilian, Chinese, Hawaiian, Latin, Caribbean, Cuban in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, San Mateo, Fremont, Sacramento, Napa, Walnut Creek, and Sonoma.

Rhythm and Blues and Motown tribute band at 80th birthday in Alameda

What a fitting tribute for an 80th birthday. A jazz, standards, and motown band added that perfect compliment to an afternoon party at the Grand View Pavilion, Alameda. A highlight was Stacy's impersonation of Diana Ross and the Supremes, and their solid gold hits from the mid 60's, plus Stacy and her band leading everyone in the Happy Birthday song.

According to the celebrant:

"Everyone thought they were the best.  Staci was able to round up all and get them on the dance floor.
She was very accommodating, great combination with other singers.  Lovely group.  They added greatly to my 80th.  Thanks Stan"

Celebrity Gems arranges motown, jazz, disco, and standards music and bands in San Francisco, San Jose, San  Ramon, Walnut Creek, Oakland, Fremont, Sacramento, Napa, and Sonoma.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Austin Powers shagged 200 classmates at 1972 class reunion in Sacramento

The 1970's was the decade of James Bond and Matt Helm. As a parody of the 1970's and spy movies,  an Austin Powers impersonator joined by a Marilyn Monroe impersonator, were meet and greet and mix and mingle at the "Class of 1972" reunion in Sacramento.

The organizer was thrilled. Both impersonators loosened up the crowd, made great conversation, and posed for pictures. Here are his comments:

"Please pass this note on to Camille and Darryl who, by the way, 'knocked it out of the ballpark' last night. 
  As our guests arrived, they made them feel welcome- immediately.  Humor got this party going in the right direction and they helped set the tone for the rest of the night, which was VERY festive. 
  They looked like they were having a good time and that got others in the same mood. 
  The first cut of our video (that night) was incredible and it had the classmates in stitches. 
  Although I tipped Camille and Darryl last night, it was definitely not enough for a job well done. I am dropping an additional tip to split in the mail. Can you make sure it gets to them?
   Thank you very much for helping make last night a VERY SPECIAL evening for 200 Classmates, many of which had not sen each other in 40 years. The energy was magic."

    Celebrity Gems arranges celebrity impersonators and lookalikes in Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Fremont, San Mateo, Hillsborough, Walnut Creek, Napa, and San Ramon.

    Our most popular impersonators and lookalikes, arranged in the San Francisco Bay Area, include Austin Powers, Marilyn Monroe, Sammy Davis, Jr., Indiana Jones, James Bond, Sean Connery, and Michael Jackson.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Comedians go back to school at St. Mary's College in Moraga

Students and parents had something to laugh about at St. Mary's College in Moraga. Two comedians and one magician entertained over 300 audience members at "Parents Weekend," which was the 150th Anniversary of St. Mary's College, a Liberal Arts College in the San Francisco Bay Area. When one comedian asked the students their majors, no one mentioned "comedy."  He then remarked how comedy made him independently wealthy and that anyone interested in comedy as a career choice could see him after the show. It was obvious that no one took him up on his career counseling. Students did pose with him, the headline comedian, and the magician and emcee, with favorable comments that there was something for everyone. A magician for the children and audience members who enjoy magic, the headline comedian who is a parent to three children, and a younger comedian whose comedy appealed to the college freshman.

Celebrity Gems arranges comedians and magicians in Moraga, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Oakland, San Mateo, Fremont, and Walnut Creek.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Austin Powers makes guest appearance in San Francisco

An international sales meeting at the prestigious Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco needed a surprise character to "lighten-up" their award presentation.

Direct from England, who but Austin Powers made a surprise appearance and who but Austin co-hosted as Emcee.  Austin gathered "inside information" on the company and their awardees, played off of them, and added improvisational comedy to their slide presentation.

The event planner's goal was to make his award program fun for all.
Here is his glowing feedback on Austin Powers, and his debut at the Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco.
"Hi Stan, Austin Powers was perfect and we will be using 
your services for other events. We wanted everyone at our award program 
to have fun, and he added that humorous touch as co-host 
and emcee perfectly." 

Celebrity Gems arranges impersonators and lookalikes,including Austin Powers, 
Marilyn Monroe, Lady Gaga, James Bond, Sammy Davis, jr., the Rat Pack, in 
San Francisco, San Jose, Fremont, San Mateo, Walnut Creek, Sacramento. 
Groovy Baby!!!