Thursday, December 14, 2017

Festive Menorah Candles light-up Castro Valley Boulevard

There was light instead of darkness for the third night of Chanukah on Castro Valley Boulevard, Castro Valley. Rabbi Shimon Gruzman from the Castro Valley Chabad explained how a small band of Maccabees defeated the Syrian-Greek Army over 2000 years ago, which was the first known battle for religious freedom. There was a joyous celebration with a balloon artist, singing, a spinning dreidel, latkes (potato pancakes) and jelly doughnuts. Firefighters from the Alameda County Fire Department provided the surprise of the evening by gently tossing chocolate Chanukah gelt (coins) from the top of their fire truck. #chabadcastrovalley
Children line-up for their favorite balloon
Menorah candles for the third night of Chanukah 
Fire Fighters gently toss Chanukah candy from their fire truck

Dancing and spinning Dreidel

Celebrity Gems arranges balloon artists and face painters in Castro Valley, Dublin, San Francisco, Fremont, and Walnut Creek.

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