Sunday, January 21, 2018

Watch the Duck Drop

You bet your life he was there. Seventy of his closest friends and family celebrated a man's 85th birthday at a Santa Rosa hotel. There was one person who wasn't on the guest list. Groucho Marx made a surprise appearance and roasted the birthday boy. That famous duck on Groucho's show, the puppet duck who dropped from the ceiling when a contestant said the magic word, did not fly in with Groucho.

According to his daughter, "Groucho was a big hit. I will definitely have him back for our next celebration."

Havana Cigar, Groucho with the birthday boy's daughter

Celebrity Gems arranges a Groucho Marx impersonator, a Marilyn Monroe impersonator, and Elvis impersonator in San Francisco, San Jose, Fremont, Oakland, and San Mateo.

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