Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Rapunzel and the Prince at children's party

The brothers Grimm fairy tale Rapunzel was the surprise for a family event at Blackhawk Grille, Danville. The 1812 story about the most beautiful child under the sun, Rapunzel, being trapped in a castle and later rescued by a Prince enchanted four young children. Rapunzel told her story, made balloons, and ended her one hour performance with face painting.
The grandfather was thrilled,

"Stan, Rapunzel was an excellent choice. She showed up on time, was warm yet professional. The Grandchildren loved her and that night, Brian refused to take take the serpent off his face. Face painting and balloons went very well.  I would totally recommend her for children ages 2 to 8."

Thank you" 
Lovely Rapunzel with her fairytale and face painting

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